Rose tattoos are very popular and this is no surprise. These are beautiful flowers and are many people’s favorite, but they also have significant meanings too. Each color of a rose symbolizes something different, so a red rose can represent love while a pink one can show gratitude. Now another tattoo that people often choose is a shoulder tattoo. A shoulder tattoo is stylish and it can be covered or shown off whenever you choose. If you combine these both together you get an amazing tattoo. So, that is why today we are showing you 21 of the most stunning rose shoulder tattoos. We have unique roses, patterned designs, small tattoos and more. Take a look, you will soon want to book in for your next tattoo!

1. Small Rose Shoulder Tattoo

First up we have this small rose tattoo. The flower is tattooed on the shoulder with a simple black ink design. It is a stylish and minimal tattoo that will suit everyone. You can keep it subtle like this or you can go for a bolder tattoo by making the rose larger or by adding some color. Either way, it will look awesome.

2. Delicate Watercolor Rose Tattoo

Next, we have a beautiful rose tattoo to show you. This design features a stunning light pink rose. The rose has been colored in with the watercolor technique which captures the delicate elegance of roses perfectly. It is a gorgeous tattoo and you can recreate the rose in any color. You can view the different color meanings of roses and choose one that represents you.

3. Big Roses with Patterned Leaves

Looking for a bolder and more unique tattoo? Then this design could be perfect for you. Here we have a large piece of body art that features two large roses with patterned leaves. The patterns are so stylish and they make the roses look very unusual. A tattoo like this will make you stand out from the crowd. Try a similar design to this or you can try different patterns.

4. Bold Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Your tattoo doesn’t just have to be on the shoulder. It can go onto other parts of the body too. This tattoo is a stylish example. Here we have a black ink rose design that starts on the shoulder and the tattoo ends on the chest. It is a gorgeous design and it is perfect for those who want a larger tattoo. You can recreate this, add more roses on the chest or upper arm, or you could even add some color too.

5. Glam Rose Design

The next tattoo is so glam! Here we have a beautiful rose that is tattooed on the shoulder. The rose has a soft pink color and the detail is just amazing. A rose like this will look stunning on everyone. For more statement making tattoo, you could opt for a red color instead.

6. Unique and Trendy Rose Tattoo

Next, we have a trendy rose tattoo. This design features roses, other flowers and crystals too. What makes this tattoo unique is the triangle design. Outside of a black ink triangle, the tattoo has color and on the inside, the tattoo is only black ink. We love this mix of color, it is such a stylish idea. Try something similar or you can try a different rose design.

7. Rose and Peony

You have two shoulders so why not consider tattooing them both? Maybe you could try something like this. One shoulder has a beautiful rose and the other shoulder has a stunning peony. The two flowers look amazing! You can recreate this or try the same flower on each shoulder. For a bolder design, you could add a splash of color. Watercolor would look gorgeous.

8. Three Roses

Prefer more classic tattoos? Then a rose design like this could be a great choice for you. Here we have a design that features three beautiful roses with leaves. It just has a super stylish old school vibe. Recreate this large piece of body art or opt for just one flower if you prefer smaller tattoos. One thing is sure, it is a bold tattoo that will suit everyone.

9. Rose and Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Our next tattoo idea is another cool design. This tattoo features one large rose on the shoulder, as well as hibiscus flowers with beautifully patterned leaves. It is an elegant and gorgeous tattoo idea for women that we highly recommend getting.

10. Simple and Stylish Rose Design

Maybe all the bright colors, patterns and more are not your thing? If so, you could try a stylish and simpler design like this. Here we have a beautiful black ink rose. There is shading and detail on the rose so color is not needed. It is just an easy to wear tattoo that will never go out of style. You could try a smaller rose if you want a subtler tattoo.

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