An exclusive line of watches with shell cameo dials. Elegant innovation from Cameo Italiano.

The Cameo Italiano company from Torre del Greco, continues to reinvent the cameo tradition by coming up with unique and extremely valuable jewellery concepts. The brand born from the Di Luca family’s thirty-year experience, has presented two new lines in which cameos are at the heart of a new way of creating jewellery. A great deal of interest and admiration has been shown by buyers and people from the jewellery sector in the Swiss made line of watches, characterised by dials framed by shell cameo. In fact, it is the first time in history that cameos have been the main element of a watch. In addition, Cameo Italiano has entered the world of self-assembly bracelets: it has done so with charms embellished with extraordinary cameos, the unmistakable emblem of Italian know-how and creativity. Thus the new products bolster the international reputation of a company which has managed to guide the culture of excellence of cameos and coral in fresh, innovative direction, whilst simultaneously maintaining a pleasing continuity of tradition.


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