Respect Your Nature. The words engraved on the back of all Chiara Passoni’s jewels sound like a double invitation: respect yourself along with Mother Nature. An urging that Chiara, an expert diving guide, mainly feels as her own, nurtured, as she is, by an untamed passion for the sea and its inhabitants. A profession that is almost an instinct and which has now taken on a new look and shape. That of unique jewelry made with rare and precious raw materials, although not in the usual sense of the term: fossilized shark teeth, deposited for millions of years in the world’s most fascinating and ancestral habitats. Light-colored teeth from the sands of the Moroccan and Egyptian desert, dark if found in riverbeds in the United States. Sharp, blade-like, up to 12 centimeters long in the case of megalodon teeth, yet at the same time, harmonic in the designer’s daring and elegant, hand-fashioned compositions. The species of shark, the state of preservation, coloration and age of the tooth are the elements that determine the item’s value, that beauty that makes them special, suitable to become key players in collections with nothing short of evocative names, such as Jurassic capsule collection. But that’s not all. Diamond pavé, topaz, pink, blue and black sapphires or moonstones set into white gold and silver act as accompaniment, creating items able to transmit gratifying and fulfilling emotions, both aesthetically and spiritually. Just like a dive into the depths of the ocean.

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