«I like to speak to our public and the world that follows us in a new and dynamic way,» says Giovanni Raspini. «We have accepted the challenge of talking about ourselves in a few seconds and the spot’s first storyboard is the result.» An untamed black horse with its mysterious rider, who turns out to be a fascinating and beautiful woman, are the characters in the commercial that takes place in a dark industrial loft. A winning mixture that enhances the light and beauty of Giovanni Raspini jewelry told through the images already being aired on Sky and which will also be on Mediaset as of 25 November. A new idea to demonstrate the clear intention of not merely focusing on the product but also on a story. The story of a woman who represents every Giovanni Raspini woman: strong yet sweet, independent, authoritative and exceptionally fascinating. The star of the ad is Lisa Verbeght, a Belgian model with a particular hypnotic, harmonic and willful face in her black dress, determined to wear the Tuscan silversmith’s momentous and shining jewelry as her only decoration. In just 15 seconds, the project, created by director, Marco Cella, pays homage to a modern woman who transforms into an icon of style and contemporary beauty.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="422" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4o_R90NptPw" width="750"> </iframe>

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