Founded by Lilya Areifulina in Moscow, in 2013, in the space of a year the small jewelry brand has achieved great international notoriety, so much so that today it is chosen by celebrities such as Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ashley Graham , Miley Cyrus ... 7 years after the first launch, the Moscow brand renews its image, giving even more strength to jewels with a provocative soul and great aesthetic innovation, with a captivating site that conquers at the first scroll. The jewels, all made of antiqued gold and precious elements in diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, represent an aesthetic with an oriental accent that is combined with contemporary stylistic innovations so that they can be worn by mother and daughter, and passed down for generations. The designer Lilya Areifulina thus explores, through jewelry, her curiosity and love for craftsmanship, with a creative process that begins by hand-painting her playful, modern and sexy silhouettes, adorned with the most opulent stones, precious and semiprecious. Lilya then brings her drawings to life by working closely with a team of highly skilled artisans to mechanically design and produce each of her sculptural creations with vibrant motifs.

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