Thinking about getting a new tattoo, but can’t decide on what body part or what design? Then we are here to help. We have the largest variety of hip tattoos for you to choose from. Hip tattoos are sexy, stylish and can be hidden or shown off when you choose. You can have a small and subtle design or a large piece of body art that extends to the thighs or ribs. Check out our best picks – there is something for everyone, including floral and animal designs.

1. Statement Snake Hip Tattoo

As you can see, hip tattoos are very sexy! The first tattoo we have to show you is this statement snake tattoo. The design features a snake that looks like a cobra with flowers, a mandala and a jewelry feature. As it is a large design, it covers the hip and thigh. You can recreate something similar or have a smaller snake designed.

2. Mandala Hip Tattoo Idea

Next, we have an intricate design. The hip has been tattooed with a floral mandala, there are also flowers around the outside. You can have any mandala design created to suit your personal style and you can choose to have the flowers or not. Either way a tattoo like this would look cool on anyone.

3. Large Rose Hip Tattoo

Roses are very popular in tattoo designs, with this next idea we can see why! Here we have a hip tattoo that features a large rose. A tattoo like this is perfect for anyone who wants a pretty and elegant design. You can have a rose created in any color.

4. Hot Hip Tattoo with Skull & Flowers

If you’re looking for a hot hip tattoo, then this next idea may be perfect! Here we have a tattoo design that features flowers and a skull. By adding a skull to floral art, you are giving the flowers and edgy look. You can have any flowers designed with a skull, you can even add some color too.

5. Tiny Hibiscus Hip Tattoo Idea

Looking for a subtler design? Then this tattoo is for you. The design features a small hibiscus flower that has been tattooed on the front of the hip. This is such a cute idea and it would be great as a first tattoo. You can recreate this black ink hibiscus or add some color. Maybe even try a different flower. Celebrities like Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been seen rocking tiny hip tattoos.

6. Colorful Floral Hip Tattoo

Next, we have a tattoo that is bright and colorful. The design features a bouquet of different flowers that have been tattooed on the hip. This is a beautiful design and is perfect for someone who wants a vibrant piece of body art. You can choose a similar design or have a bouquet created with your favorite flowers.

7. Lion Hip Tattoo

Lions are a symbol of strength and courage, not only that they are king of the jungle! With that said it is no surprise that lions inspire many tattoo designs. Here we have a lion that has been tattooed on the hip, there are also flowers along the design too. We love this tattoo and it would look amazing on anyone.

8. Front Hip Tattoo Idea

Our next design idea has been tattooed on the front of the hip. The tattoo features two roses with a stunning jewelry feature. This is a gorgeous tattoo and you can choose to recreate the look or maybe choose different flowers or a different jewelry pattern. Either way, this tattoo will look glam and sexy.

9. Stunning Phoenix Hip Tattoo

Looking for a stunning piece of body art that will wow? Then you need to check out this design. The tattoo features a large, beautiful bird with flowers. As it is a large piece it does sit on the hip and thigh. A tattoo like this is perfect for someone who wants to make a statement. If you want a subtler design, then choose a smaller bird.

10. Delicate Hip Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a pretty butterfly and flower tattoo idea. The design has been tattooed on the front of the hip and is very delicate. You can recreate this tattoo or maybe choose your own flower and butterfly design. Choose light colors for a dainty design or vibrant colors for a bold tattoo.

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