Not just a great exhibition, but also the place to be, right now. Tefaf New York Fall running from October 27 to 31 is bringing together dealers, collectors, curators, and designers in a contest where you can breath art in all its forms. Here, Hemmerle is introducing its latest body of work Revived Treasures, a collection paying homage to Egyptian civilization.

Old and fascinating artefacts find new homes in Hemmerle’s new pieces, in a perfect fusion of historical art and contemporary design. Jewelry carried a profound significance in ancient Egyptian culture not only as adornment but as a symbol of protection, embedded with sacred iconic objects and stories, the same symbols become now precious in the new earrings, necklaces and bangles.

Like the pair of earrings featuring 14 scarabs - the most important amulet in ancient Egypt - created between 1350-1000 BC, and paired with diamonds. The reverse of each scarab is engraved with hieroglyphics.

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