1.Every time I put on erotic lingerie, my husband's sex becomes harder and I feel better. So I also like to wear erotic underwear, so that the quality of our sex life will be improved a lot.

2.I also bought all kinds of erotic underwear when I was with EX before, and every time he rushed over like a little beast. As for my own feelings, to be honest, when I put it on, I'm SHI, and I'm already emotional first.

3.Erotic lingerie helps improve the quality of life. I like it very much. I bought a bunch of them myself. They are really cute and sexy. I usually take pictures for him, seduce him, and then say seriously, work hard, ha Ha ha. . .

4.On my boyfriend's birthday, I booked a sea view suite, bought a bunch of roses and threw them all over the house, then lit a pair of candles high and low, and then I dressed as a bunny girl and stood in the middle, he said it was a gift he would never forget .

5.Ordinary underwear, boyfriend: can you take it off? Erotic lingerie, boyfriend: can you tear it?

6.I like sexy lingerie very much. Sexy underwear is not necessarily worn by boyfriends or husbands. It is not good to buy a set to take pictures and send them to my girlfriends to enjoy together. If you have a boyfriend, you can study it in depth together. X life harmony is very beneficial to marriage.

7.I bought a set of sexy lingerie to tempt my boyfriend on Valentine's Day, but when my boyfriend opened the door and came in, he was dumbfounded and said that I was the real stunner. I thought he would knock me down, but he asked me to pose and take pictures. .... Doesn't it mean that men will flutter? You're pouncing...

8.My husband likes to watch me wear sexy lingerie. Every time I put on sexy lingerie, he will become crazy, hahaha, his eyes will be different when he looks at me, he looks like a big bad wolf I saw a little white rabbit.

9.My girlfriend wears erotic lingerie and it just feels different. It's really sexy and her body looks better. It's a wonderful experience. I just tried it once and I fell in love with it. I will buy more of this erotic lingerie in the future. It's fresh, but now I'm excited again, it's very good, the body is transparent and looming!

10.Wearing erotic underwear is a very refreshing experience. Every time you change a style of erotic underwear, it is like changing a person. Every time you have sex, you feel very fresh and happy.

11.My girlfriend puts on erotic lingerie and has sex as if she has changed someone. The experience is amazing. The old one is better than the new one. Just love someone!

12.After wearing it, I felt sexy and exploded, and I looked wet. . .

As a girl, wearing erotic lingerie is actually more exciting than the other party. Dressing well will increase the beauty.
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