In fur trim clothing, the more the amount of fur, the more expensive the price, the less the amount, the cheaper the price.


In addition, take mink for example, there are considerable differences between male and female mink fur.


Male mink's fur is large and rich, which makes it weighty to wear. Female mink's fur is soft and light to wear, which makes it use more. As for male ermine, female ermine which is better is difficult to decide, generally according to the buyer's preference and design.


Generally speaking, male ferrets are used for men's clothing and female ferrets are used for women's clothing.

To wear a high-level feeling, in addition to color, the texture of fur is also a very important factor to consider. The blue fur of sable, for example, looks more delicate. But because it is relatively thick, wear the whole person will feel bloated, if matched with a long skirt with grain pattern can effectively transfer the vision of others, look temperament is also a lot of points, full of feminine, so you can also wear a high-level sense. Stacking is recommended by many fashion bloggers as a way to wear clothes from major brands, and is popular. Especially for long furs, stacking can add a lot of element of surprise to dressing taste. For example, you can fold leather coats and wear fur with black leather coats of the same color. This is a very cool royal sister style, which improves the three-dimensional sense and brings up the whole aura all of a sudden. Wear skinny jeans and black leather boots to elongate your legs.
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