Our camping has always been more about practicality and brands are not the first choice. We also considered a cast iron skillet from Beibang, but the price was too high for the same quality and use, and we searched for a long time to find this cast iron skillet. It smells so good!


One-piece molding pot pot, with ore raw materials fired, especially durable, not easy to deformation, really feel like a family heirloom!


The bottom of the pot is particularly non-slip, the bottom is full of oil will not have a slippery feeling. And heating thieves, stew quickly, within an hour to get, in the outdoors is already considered very good!


Gas stove, wood stove, charcoal stove can be used, outdoor use at home, will not be idle at all, I want real incense again!


Cedar wood pot cover, the pattern is also very good, put in the outdoors, not only good to use, take pictures also look good, have the temperament, dish it!

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