From the perspective of straight men, how should women choose sexy underwear when they are indescribable

Sexy lingerie is the most hated sex toy for girls. I want to use it to outline the looming and exquisite curves and be the most attractive little goblin. I was stunned. This kind of "violent aesthetics" product of Taobao's nine yuan and nine free shipping is destined to not fall into the eyes of the little fairy.

Huan Feiyan is thin, and a hundred flowers bloom. When your body is fully exposed in front of him, they see it all, and there is less mystery and no expectation. The throbbing of conquest flows in your blood and calms down, even if you are bigger than Scarlett It's also sexy, and after a long time, it has become a white rice grain of mosquito blood. The most seductive thing is never naked, but refusal and welcome.

If you want to take the initiative on the battlefield of the bed, erotic underwear is an essential battle clothing. If you want to enjoy your carcass in front of the mirror, it can also make you charming. You know, the existence of erotic underwear is not only to please others, but also to please yourself.

Tita Vantes once said: "Women wear lingerie not to seduce men, but to embrace their femininity."

Delicate lingerie set

I used to say that when a guy finds out she's wearing an underwear set, that means you're sleeping with her. Although it sounds rough, I bet that the probability of you wearing a complete set of underwear is no more than 30%, especially if you are staying at home alone, most of them will not play the little game of "Underwear Lianliankan". If there is a game tonight Fighting, the easiest operation is to put on a set of exquisite underwear.

Believe me, when he sees it, if he doesn't "awe", he will be "interested" with your serious attitude.

Some people like wild temptation, some people like pure and cute, and whoever likes radishes and vegetables. It is obviously unrealistic for me to recommend a few "universal battle suits" to you, but I still want to say a few words, try not to step on these red lines as much as possible:

1. If it's not cute and pure, don't choose pure cotton fabrics. If you have a choice, try to choose some lace satin materials.

2. Sports models are risky, and the figure is great when I didn't say it.

3. Black insurance, cute pink, wild red, pure floral, flesh-colored? Wash and sleep.
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