They're all adults, so who doesn't know that? Men are indeed visual animals. It can be said that erotic underwear and underwear are worn to create visual stimulation and to please men; but in my opinion, women are atmospheric animals, and erotic underwear is actually a piece of clothing that women choose for themselves in order to create an atmosphere. a costume.

Therefore, erotic lingerie can be a fun for girls to please themselves and me.

Love can also be the spice of life

When I was shopping with my sisters some time ago, I happened to visit a lingerie store, which was full of all kinds of beautiful and sexy underwear. The sisters couldn't help but buy one and go home and enjoy it slowly.

Later, my sister told me that I didn't expect this sexy panty to be found by her boyfriend as if she had seen the New World. She liked it more than her sister, and couldn't wait for her to put it on...

After this time, her best friend discovered that sexy panties actually made her relationship with her boyfriend better, and when she applauded for love, her boyfriend seemed to work harder. After that, she bought two different styles of sexy panties in a row.

Before dressing up, you were just a boring house girl;

After changing your outfit, you are a sexy and sultry little wild cat.

Before changing clothes, you may just want to be a pillow princess and enjoy it;

After changing clothes, you must want to be the female knight who rides the horse and whips the whip...

Lingerie is a woman's self-suggestion: I'm sexy, I'm attractive, I like who I am..

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