Opposite for, modelling is more costly fur coat suits mature woman quite, and a few modelling is more fashionable fur coat, soft bud younger sister wears rise to appear more vogue is melting. Therefore, choosing a fur coat that suits your style temperament is the key to improving your dressing class.

1. Firstly, fur has good air permeability


2. Smooth and waxy surface, soft, plump, good air permeability, elastic, very valuable


3. The leather retains the original natural condition of sheep skin, which is the ideal fabric for fashion

Fur as the name implies, the animal skin and hair are removed together. This treatment makes the fur more soft, breathable and warm.


Common fur sheep, rabbits, foxes and so on, mainly with sheep fur in the majority. It originated with the increase of productivity of ancient human beings around 20 to 30 thousand years ago. From leaves gradually changed to skins, from ancient times to today with the development of human fur species and technology requirements are becoming higher and higher.

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