A fur, as long as proper maintenance, generally can wear for 20 years, usually after use, can wipe the end of the fur with a wet towel, dry in the shade, if there is dirt, you can touch a little cold washing essence to wipe the local dirty place, then wipe clean with water, dry in the shade, gently comb with pet needle

If you're one of those people who really likes the fur element.


If you've been looking at your fur coat in the closet, you've been wondering.


If you are always worried when choosing the sheet that matches with it, you can gather here and the following content can absolutely solve all the problems about fur.

1. When choosing a coat for everyday wear, always go with a shorter design.


First of all, short fur does not carry the aura and temperament, ordinary girls can also handle.


Next, short paragraph fur does not carry height and body shape, wear upper body does not need to have psychological burden completely.


Finally, the price of short fur is more close to the people, and the girls who are not rich need not feel embarrassed!

2. Carefully consider the color of a short fur coat when choosing a short fur printed cotton coat suitable for daily wear.


Like dark color, can choose dark brown, dark brown, coffee, like light color, can choose beige, beige, gray, khaki.

3. When choosing a short fur coat for everyday wear, try a floral design.


On the one hand, printing can be designed to shift people's attention to single fabrics, even if the quality of fur is not very clearance, it will not be revealed.


Second, a fur coat with a floral print is more down to earth, and can also distinguish it from other people's fur cotton-padded coats, enhancing its recognition and presence!

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