I recommend that all girls try erotic lingerie, because when you put it on, you will see a completely different version of yourself.

There are many kinds of orgasms in this world, but the most exciting and refreshing ones are in the brain, so, half-covering and half-exposing is the kingly way!

So the question is, what should be revealed and what should be covered? Many girls often feel that they have a small belly, not big enough breasts, a little thick legs, a little big ass, etc. (but I think it's all cute and natural, don't be too harsh on yourself), but I strongly amway all Body sisters, no matter how tall or thin you are, you can have your own style panacea:

The first stop to buy sexy lingerie - nightdress series

Nightdress, in general, should choose a small design and the waist length is above the knee, which is very tolerant to the figure, the flesh of the belly and thighs is all bye, the chest is looming, and the first try, the threshold is low, but it will definitely give a dull A little spark in his life, laying a psychological foundation for the later high-level.

Purchasing elements to focus on:


The nightdress should be placed a little above the knee as much as possible. There are two reasons. First, the short visual effect shows the length of the legs, and it is not too short, and it can cover the roots of the thighs, making people infinitely imaginative when walking. Second, the short style is easier to lift directly, which is more convenient~~~ hehehe

 Waist up

Choose to tuck your waist slightly, because the visual effect will have an obvious waist-to-hip ratio, and it has the unique curvaceous beauty of women


Choose ice silk or other slippery materials, because the first touch is very important when you pick it up or lie on the bed.

 Comes with a small design

A touch of lace, a little butterfly, a cross on the back, etc., the boy will feel that you are really a very treasured and feminine person, and then you will understand how much he loves you!

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