The penny roast, named after the old British and American tradition of the late 18th century - a barbecue as a gift would break the camaraderie, so it was symbolically bought for a penny. It's a small barbecue that fits in your pocket, with a stainless steel barbecue fork and beech wood handle.

Since its establishment in 2000, it has been developing unique outdoor products with sustainable production methods, featuring lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly small outdoor utensils.

To the latest launch of the U barbecue fork is also a must-have outdoor products, stainless steel fork head, mahogany handle at first I thought the wooden handle is used to enhance the experience of use, but only later found that it is to insulate, thought the stainless steel to the heat to the last side of the willow buckle, a really good ingenuity ah!
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