You all know that every Valentine's Day, the sales of sexy lingerie in Miaoyinfang skyrocket, even during the Chinese New Year. They are all rushing to ask for it, so Miss Gong Yu is almost exhausted in the warehouse!

In the eyes of little girls who haven't worn erotic lingerie, what is the mentality of these men who secretly buy erotic lingerie?


Buying erotic lingerie is a normal behavior. Just because a simple man buys erotic lingerie cannot be prejudiced against him. This is a very naive and old-fashioned idea.

Just like you can't kill someone just because he bought a gun, maybe he wants to protect himself and his family; and yours, maybe he just wants to make your life more sexual.

Need to create products, eat and feel lust, if underwear is a tool to modify the body, then sexy underwear is the black magic that increases sexual charm.

In layman's terms, erotic lingerie is the best flirt and aphrodisiac, which makes him surprised and excited (not an exaggeration).

It turns out that the girl in front of her can also be so seductive, sometimes like a small fresh in an island country, sometimes like a Korean erotic thief, and sometimes like a SM slut in Europe and America.

Girl you need to know,

There is no man who does not love the feeling of being seduced,

Love also has times when it gets tired,

Why do fairy tales always end with a happy life together, and never dare to touch the life after that?

Because life is completely different from fairy tales, love cannot represent freshness.

And desire requires preservation.

At this time, our sexy lingerie comes in handy.

Sexy lingerie decorates the most attractive parts of a woman's neck, shoulders, back, chest, buttocks in a unique style, making him surprised, shocked, numb and itchy, and agitated in his heart.

And lace, carved, hollow, transparent or translucent, etc., are creating a temptation. Women are eager for men to be infatuated. This is the ultimate temptation of sexy underwear.

As a result, men will feel as if they are getting along with different women, enjoying beauty, and naturally improving men's "sexual interest", and there will be an irresistible urge.

Want to touch, sniff, bite, tear... Sometimes, caressing through underwear is even more horny.

When love, with skillful infatuation, becomes fresh and long-lasting, you will find that he who chooses erotic underwear for you from beginning to end is just because he loves you, wants to love you all the time, and will love you forever. . 
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