A female student encountered a troublesome thing. At the age of 32, she secretly bought a piece of erotic underwear and decided to surprise her husband.

Unexpectedly, her husband's response was mediocre, without surprise or joy, without a word of praise, which made her angry enough, and she was very puzzled: Isn't it sexy to wear sexy lingerie?

There are not many women who think like her.

In the teaching of sex skills, the question is often asked: How to be a sexy woman? As a result, "sex lingerie" is mentioned in all likelihood.

It's like wearing sexy lingerie, you can put Diaochan on the upper body and fascinate all beings. But after a lot of people were happy to wear it...the result turned out to be the same.

This is a typical misunderstanding of "sexy".

It's common to hear examples of being "excessive" in terms of sexiness

For example, getting breast augmentation for your partner, training your abdominal muscles, practicing your buttocks, and buying erotic lingerie in different ways... But the two sides are not enthusiastic.

They were puzzled, why he still didn't feel it when he was like this.

I asked them two questions: Are you happy while making these changes? Are you happy during sex with him?

The answer is mostly: I am fine, as long as he is happy.

And that's exactly where the problem lies.

This repressed emotion is perceived when you don't really enjoy it, when you don't feel the joy of the process from the bottom of your heart.

The "sexy" you create will inevitably be greatly reduced, even if you hold it for a while, it will eventually collapse.

A person who can't move himself can't truly move others.

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