And the core of sexy is not to be sultry, but to please oneself.

If you don't feel inner pleasure or even resistance to your own behavior, it's impossible to move people with such sexiness.

As a male friend described to me about his girlfriend's sexy moments:

"She was between my legs, her eyes were slightly closed, her long hair was in a shawl, and she was sucking very happily. That state really made me electrocute."

On the surface, this girl is delighting her partner, but in essence she is delighting herself. This state of enjoyment and devotion infects her partner and gets the core of sexiness.

A lot of times, the sexiness that your partner craves is not your extreme performance, but the kind of wildness you are immersed in self-pleasure.

Once a friend was talking about "mouth love", a girl asked me in a puzzled way: Why do some girls want to give boys their mouth? I don't understand.

In the end, before I could speak, another girl answered for me: Don't you think that when you get the other party out of control, you will feel good psychologically?

This rhetorical question made the girl who asked the question a little confused, obviously she didn't think about it.

After a while, she said: "I finally understood why my boyfriend said I was not sexy. Compared to other sisters, I paid too little attention to my sexual feelings."

Yes, to please others first to please oneself, to sway people first to sway the heart.

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