Erotic underwear, as the name suggests, is the clothes that need to be worn in order to increase the interest between the two parties. But how should erotic lingerie be worn? When to wear it? It works as it should without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

Under normal circumstances, wearing erotic underwear is premeditated. So don't wear it out and hang out, and don't wear it with your pajamas at home. But if you wear it all the time, it will be too deliberate, and you will feel that the girls are too impatient...

Sometimes, the spark between the two is inadvertently wiped out, and it happens naturally. There is neither the time nor the need to wear erotic lingerie in this situation.

And sometimes both parties clearly have this idea, but wearing sexy underwear at this time will destroy the taste and atmosphere, there is no taste at all, it is better not to wear it.

1 If you want to wear sexy underwear, the most important thing is to be casual. For example, you can take time or when he goes shopping, enter the room to change his clothes, and then send a message to the other party on his mobile phone: Come to the room, I have a surprise for you.

When he walks into the room, he discovers that you are the "surprise".

2 If you have several sets of erotic lingerie and don't know which one he will like, you can leave the choice to him. At this point, you just need to say to him casually: "Honey, you help me come in and choose clothes!" After he has chosen, push him out of the room and let him go to the living room to wait for you to get dressed.

In the process of waiting, he must have imagined the scene of you wearing that dress countless times. By the time you invite him into the room, he can't wait.

3 If you want to achieve a surprising effect, a trench coat is a good prop. After putting on the sexy lingerie, put on the unremarkable windbreaker and go to his house. After he opens the door, you take off the windbreaker while kissing him, and you will get the effect you want.

Or at the place you agreed, after meeting, whisper in his ear: "I only wore a trench coat today!" After that, he will definitely take you home or go to the nearest hotel to "check" you Are you really only wearing a trench coat?

4 In some special festivals, erotic underwear will also become a blessing. This kind of dress-up erotic underwear must choose a good role in order to play a role.

For example, dress up as a rabbit or a little elk on Christmas, dress up as a maid or a character he likes on his birthday, make this day different, and let him see a completely different you than usual.

When choosing sexy lingerie, pay attention to choosing the right style. For example, if you have a small breast, don't choose a tube top style. We must pay attention to highlighting the advantages of your body, and avoid weaknesses.

If the waist looks good, show the waist, you can choose a two-piece suit or a lace hollow cheongsam style; if the legs look good, you can choose a short skirt or garter style.

The essence of erotic lingerie is to present a different self than usual, and the meaning behind it means that you are willing to accompany your partner to do something that seems absurd, and the two enter another wonderful world together. In this world, you can enjoy unparalleled joy and in-depth exploration and understanding of each other.

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