In winter, although there are fewer people coming out, you still have to choose some beautiful clothes, and choose fur to match, it will be a bit special, and it can also enhance your temperament. It also looks relatively clean. It is matched with a black shirt. The contrast between dark and light colors is also a commonly used matching technique. Dark blue trousers are embellished with moon patterns to increase the sense of hierarchy. Wearing a pair of white sneakers, a simple winter style for girls. .

Everyone hopes that they can match better. The clothes they choose also have their own characteristics. A light blue fur coat with short placket and long sleeves is a bit special in color. It is much simpler, black tight trousers, slim and well-proportioned beauties will match this way, a pair of stitched short boots, thick-soled style, with a simple feeling, the beauties are tall and pay attention to their posture, so they look good More temperament, winter collocation, can also be very layered

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