Most of them also like their outfits to be simpler. Although they also encounter some beauties who wear fashionable and colorful outfits, they still prefer simpler and more life-like outfits, like this lady, wearing a pink Fur, natural color transition, looks good and simple, the hem is a little longer, and the warmth is good, with a one-piece skirt, the feeling of thin legs comes out, the combination of elastic and tight, Many people will prefer, the boot is a relatively low design, and it is very warm to wear.

Most girls prefer fur collocation, and they will also wear a simple feeling. Fashionable beauties will choose fur according to their own preferences. , to increase the sense of mystery, wearing a one-piece skirt with elastic fabric to set off the curve of the figure, I think the high-heeled style looks better and shows the figure.

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