The spinning reel is suitable for long-distance casting and a large area to quickly search the fishing area, in addition, because the line cup and bearing separation, so the water tightness is better, suitable for sea fishing and open water fishing. Spinning reels have the same model number size, generally from 2000 to 6000, the larger the number of wheels, the greater the braking force, the larger the fish can be caught, general freshwater and coastal fishing on the 2000-3000. spinning reels have deep and shallow line cup, deep line cup winding more but out of the line resistance, not far, shallow line cup is the opposite, I personally like shallow line cup.

Generally speaking, if you just want to try fishing, and do not take fishing as a hobby, choose spinning reels. If you want to experience the fun of the road, play a little bit of style, then the drop reel and spinning reel each with a set. Fishing reels are generally entry-level products in the 100 knife or less, mid-range 200-300, high-end 400 +.

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