Outdoor walking essential Nato carry multifunctional knife

In the outdoor environment, we need a multifunctional, portable outdoor tools. That's why we got the Nauto Carry Utility Knife, which has 30 functions, pocket portability, security lock, and precision punching features.


Nauto carry multifunctional knife, very very small, storage length of only 7.5cm, weighing 87g, its workmanship is first-class, but also very delicate, hardware components thick, durable, comfortable grip , and it actually has 10 functional modules: main knife, Phillips screwdriver, small scissors, file, cut rope knife, cell phone holder, bottle opener, can opener, take the card needle, pry bar . Outdoor bottle opening, can opening, but also extremely convenient. Cross screwdriver + file fit, repair filing is also more convenient. Also comes with a hanging buckle, easy to carry.


All the tools are stretched out, these are often used outdoors. Convergent blade design. Switch at will, also can be used as a phone stand. Small scissors are also very convenient to use.


Nauto carry multifunctional knife, using a steel blade + star screw + frosted ABS patch handle material, non-slip good, and the handle is also engraved with the product logo and designed with a safety lock, the tool can be locked after unfolding to prevent the tool from automatically folding back in the use of injury.


Overall, Nauto carry multifunctional knife, first-class exquisite workmanship, not only a variety of tools, and perfect detail design, quality and workmanship is not to say, open and close the operation are very smooth, compact shape after storage is very portable, whether outdoor travel, or home daily use, are very convenient, but also a daily essential carry tools. That's it, what do you think of this Nauto carry multifunctional knife, welcome to leave a comment.

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