The casting is precise, the line is smooth and stable, and the casting distance is generally less than that of a spinning wheel. But when the poor operation will lead to the line out speed is less than the speed of the outer end of the line cup cut line, there will be fried line (fried powder, backslash), so it is not suitable for pure novice use. And due to design factors, the bearings are exposed on both sides of the line cup, the water brought out by the line is easy to contact the bearings, so when the low-end drop reel in sea fishing is very easy to rust, so the drop reel is not suitable for sea fishing. Of course case by case, some low-end and part of the high-end water drop wheel corrosion prevention is still very good, mid-range products, then it is already a must-have for entry, there are many choices, and there are special scenes of fishing wheel, if you want to step in place can be directly according to the purchase of the picture inside, the price is slightly higher, but the user experience is definitely not the same as low-end products.

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