It's great that you don't need to bring a bracket for outdoor camping, but you can take it from the ground! Three sticks of the same length can be used in the field.




Product Features.


discs, chains and hooks are made of stainless steel, light weight, anti-scratch and heat-resistant, not easy to rust.


Fixed ring with a three-hole design, with three 2mm diameter holes, can be used to fix wood, easy to make tripod.


lightweight and portable, easy to install, adjustable height, outdoor camping three wooden sticks can be set up barbecue pot, strong load-bearing capacity, can be used for boiling water, boiling vegetables and many other purposes.


With a beautiful storage bag, not easy to lose, easy to carry!


Installation steps.


1. insert the three wooden sticks into the three large holes of the fixing ring.


2. adjust the position of the three wooden sticks to form a tripod.


3. then insert the chain through the small holes and adjust the length of use with the positioning pins.


4. Just hang the hanging pot or kettle on the hook.

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