The hottest folding chair in the camping world in 2020


Should be almost one per capita Kermit chair


But today, I would like to talk about another folding chair that has a high rate of appearance


Tripolina Chiar (Tripoli chair)


First of all, a correction


Many people call it a butterfly chair (Butterfly Chair)


In fact, it is not exactly right


But it does have an inextricable relationship with the butterfly chair


Because the butterfly chair design inspiration is also based on the Tripoli chair came


Tripolina chair was designed by British engineer and inventor Joseph Beverly Fenby in 1855, and was patented in England in 1877.


This chair is widely known in Europe because it can be used not only as an officer's chair, but also as a camping or beach chair.


The Italian army used this chair in the campaign in Libya in the 1930s, hence the name "Tripolina Chair"-Tripolina, the capital of Libya, Tripoli.


Many famous people are also fans of this chair, including Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and the famous wildlife biologist Aldo Leopold, as well as many military officers, safari hunters, explorers and adventurers from around the world.


The original frame of this chair was made of wood and metal with a canvas or leather seat top. They can be folded quickly and stored compactly. In addition to its light weight, comfort and portability, it was an elegant solution in design and is considered a model of design excellence.


On July 24, 1940, the chair was exhibited at the 3rd Salon des Artistes décoratifs in Paris, discovered by the MoMA Museum of Modern Art, and included in the collection of MoMA in New York.


Tripolina inspired the birth of the Butterfly Chair, the famous BKF chair, which uses bent metal instead of wood for its structure, and leather made up of four separate sections.

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