Soft and fluffy fur coats reappeared on the fashion radar last season, appearing in many designers' collections. This fall, the trend is playing with new colors: Monochromatic styles increase the choice of prints and bright colors, and the brand embellishes minimalist coats with decorative elements such as fringe or silk thread.

No matter how time changes, fur is known as the elegance that never fades. Resist the dense cold air, let the aura grow arbitrarily, fur can give you 37 degrees of constant warmth and grace. With the sixth sense of beauty that is best at it, come to smudge an elegant temperament that only belongs to you.

A piece of fur with a sense of luxury is an interpretation of refined life. Under the careful improvement of the designer, it is either elegant and restrained, or youthful and dynamic, or casual and free, showing the personality of the times everywhere.

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