Tent recommendation|Vidalido small minaret that has the color of the forest


"In summer, I always want to hide in the shade of the forest."

Indian spire tent, new out of the army green, like the color of the forest. Last time I took it to the beach, behind the evergreen trees common in the south, a large green, and the tent hidden in it. Visually somehow feel comfortable, like a gentle breeze blowing through the kind of gentle comfort.

There is an inner tent and an outer tent, both of which are waterproof fabrics, with poles in the middle, requiring a simple set-up. The front side can be set up as a foyer, with a table and chairs for two people.

Mountain Indian style tent house, wild luxury style camping

Yesterday, we went to visit Toothpaste's new tent, Tentipi 33, which is very cool and big, but it's not the most amazing thing, it's the inside! The entire interior soft furnishings are beautiful, small decorations are very attractive, I have to admire the owner's aesthetics, soft furnishings use a lot of materials, very test matching skills.


The entire floor is covered with a variety of carpets, different forms but very harmonious, there are large beds and sofas, even the home appliances, more luxurious than the hotel. The tent light is also very good, sitting at the sofa to drink afternoon tea is not too good.

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