The definition of sexy lingerie by businessmen is romantic, elegant, and noble, and at the same time expresses a certain deep-level culture with a vague "sex". However, is this what the public thinks? For erotic lingerie, what is the gender perspective?


The gender gap is huge


The difference in cognition between the two sexes on the role of erotic underwear is interesting. According to the answers in the sample questionnaire, more than 30 percent of women believe that the function of erotic underwear is to make themselves happy. The high self-awareness of women can be seen from this, and the sentence "Women are pleasing to themselves" may have to be rewritten; but from the point of view of men, they still believe that sexy lingerie aims to enhance the taste of life.


Girls love to wear cotton, and boys also support it!


In the survey, women between the ages of 20 and 30 have a very high degree of support for cotton underwear, mainly because of the comfortable texture and refreshing vision. Surprisingly, from the questionnaire data, they are often Men who are considered to be "sensually stimulating animals" seem to agree with this view, and like the ratio of the other half to wear lace and cotton underwear. Lace or silk underwear, as a way to please yourself.


Whatever she wears can make her feel happy!


Another surprising message was conveyed in the questionnaire: the vast majority of people would not use sexy underwear (in this case, the type of underwear with thin gauze wings) as a tool to enhance the taste of life, but use it to make A joke, or as an anniversary "gift"!


A man who is indifferent to his underwear!


Men who are asked to wear sexy lingerie are several times less than women. On the one hand, most men don’t care about their inner beauty, and their wives have more opportunities to buy them. At this time, the counter lady often advises wives to try to buy for their husbands. Different styles of underwear, because he may one day say to you: "I haven't worn this kind of underwear, it's really comfortable!" "Then why didn't you talk about it before?" That's right! Most men are so indifferent to the concept of their underwear.


Making the other half happy in the bed is not just a one-sided thing. Male friends who have been called "stinky boys" in the past may wish to choose some underwear that emits fragrance to make up for the "notoriety". Well, since he doesn't care about his underwear so much, the female compatriots have to help themselves, and it's not bad to buy him a pair of underwear that can be "tasteful" and pleasing to the eye.


People's exploration of sexual culture never stops, and businesses are constantly exploring the creativity of sexual culture derivatives.

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