Camping equipment sharing: novice camping lights four small strong comparison choice

Led portable lights are very suitable for newcomers and veterans


These are the most common portable lights I have used after elimination


DOD: recommended a lot of lights, no obvious shortcomings in all aspects, the brightness is slightly weaker, solar energy plus points. Recommended index: ★★★★


Postgeneral: easy to use, can be magnetized in the car door, the table plate and all metal magnetic place. Because no dark light gear so the shortest duration, workmanship is slightly loose. Recommended index: ★★★★★


ML4: accompanying magic light, because small can be hung in the keychain, backpack and many places, accessories are also very rich, worth buying. Recommendation index: ★★★★☆


Root co: heavyweight lamp, brightness, range, waterproof all pull full, workmanship is really, can be used as the main light of choice. Especially the endurance time, bring it outside full of security, the shortcoming is the weight and size is large. Recommended index: ★★★★★


Final advice: buy it all with enough money, portable lights are much better!

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