Essential winter camping equipment|Be sure to bring a heater!


When we camped at the Snowpeak Festival last weekend, it rained heavily on the first day and the outdoor temperature was about 10-12 degrees, and it felt even lower at night. We used snowpeak 660 and 644 sleeping tent, a total of about 28 square meters, using the heating stove, the indoor temperature can reach about 23 degrees, at that moment really thank you for reminding friends, autumn and winter rainy days wet environment really need too much! Put it outside the 644 at night, do not use it in a confined space, make sure to open some windows, and bring a good carbon monoxide alarm! (used in the 644 dormitory tent, 9 flat can reach 26-27 degrees)


Use aviation kerosene, oil barrel filled with oil after 20 minutes of resting, four 2 batteries electronic ignition, easy to operate, with a fan, heating effect is better. Put on the kettle can boil water to make tea. Sitting in front of the heater, warming dinner and watching movies is too pleasant. Kerosene stove off will have a little smell for a short time, it is recommended to close the stove placed in a ventilated place to disperse the smell Oh. Full of oil 3 days and 2 nights, the use of 20 hours can basically meet.


Specific official parameters are as follows


Size specification: 485.7x388x388mm


Oil tank capacity: 4.9L


Heating power 2.5KW


Burning time: about 20 hours


Ignition mode: electronic ignition

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