The fire is also spring, North America carbon small sun heater

I have always longed for the kind of life inside the villa with a fireplace fireplace, winter family around the fire chatting how warm ~ originally thought that for my family such as the elevator room this is a luxury demand, but found that North American appliances home this carbon fiber heater can actually do, decided to get, winter no longer have to huddle in their rooms, the family can finally get together, around the stove fire is also spring ah ~ Amway Amway!


Circulation heating whole house quick heat


The heater can automatically left and right 90 ° shaking head, up and down manually rotate 30 °, large area heating, warmth sharing, whole house circulation heating ~ using carbon tubes as the heating body, accelerated heating, 5 seconds rapid heating, can achieve the effect of instant heat, winter from the cold outdoor back home no longer wait for the air conditioning slowly start.




Tilting power-off design


The bottom of the heater is equipped with a tipping cut-off design to prevent scalding and leakage accidents. The body shell is flame retardant material, to prevent the machine temperature is too high spontaneous combustion, and the net cover is also anti-scalding, the winter of the elderly and children can rest assured that safe use.

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