Multi-use aluminum hangers make the small outdoor home neat and tidy

Camping lights, dishes and kitchenware, clothes and sleeping bags ...... Faced with all kinds of camping equipment, how to make a small outdoor home neat and comfortable?


Outdoor multi-purpose aluminum hangers


Made of lightweight and durable high-quality aluminum, equipped with 4 S-shaped hooks for hanging various items such as outdoor kitchenware, sleeping bags, clothes, umbrellas, etc..


Easy to assemble and effortless to fold and store, easy to carry; tied with wind rope and fixed with ground nails at the screw fixing, even if the wind can also maintain stability.


Not only for camping, but also for indoor use. It is versatile, cost-effective and available in two sizes.


------- Product information -------


Material: aluminum


Accessories: S-type hook, storage bag



Size: about W66×H69×D60cm

Storage size: about 41.5×7.5cm×7.5cm

Weight: 640g

Load capacity: 8kg


Rod diameter: about 1.4cm (leg), about 1.8cm (hanging part), about 2.1cm (spreader rod insertion part)



Size: about W114.5 × H110 × D92cm

Storage size: about W47×H11×D11cm

Weight: 1.57kg

Load capacity: 20kg


Rod diameter: about 1.8cm (leg), about 2.1cm (hanging part), about 2.4cm (spreader rod insertion part)

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