What are the types of fur

There are many classification methods of fur. According to the maturation period of the quilt, it can be divided into early maturation, mid-maturity, late maturation, and late maturation; according to processing methods, it can be divided into tanning, dyeing and finishing, and shearing. According to the appearance characteristics, it can be divided into: thick fur, represented by fox fur; medium thick fur, represented by mink fur; thin fur, represented by Persian lamb fur.

1. Rabbit skin

Rabbit fur is a popular fur raw material in recent years. Rabbit is also cultivated uniformly. Because of its good heating effect, it is often used as a raw material. Similar to the otter, so it is called "rex rabbit". Advantages: Short and neat hair is warm and not easy to fall off.


2. Mink fur

Mink fur is more precious, and it is also a fur material that many people prefer. It has the reputation of "King of Furs" and is called "soft gold" abroad, a symbol of wealth. Advantages: It has the three characteristics of "the fur is warmer when the wind blows, the fur is self-dissolving when snow falls, and the fur is not wet when it rains".


3. fox fur

Fox fur breeds include red fox, blue fox, white fox, silver fox, etc. The fur color is extremely wide, with almost every fur color, and can also be dyed in various colors. Fox fur is a treasure in fur and is known as one of the three pillars of fur in the world.

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