Fur refers to the clothing made of animal fur, which has the function of keeping warm. Now the fur is more beautiful and the price is higher, and it is also the consumption object of many consumers. Fur animals such as fox, mink, raccoon, rex rabbit, cattle and sheep are the main sources of fur raw materials. We have called "fur", some called "fur", and some said "fur", and there are different opinions. In the end, it is called a fur company, a fur company, or a fur company. In fact, it can be traced back to its origin. "Fur", "fur" and "fur" are different names for people in different periods. Now, it is more commonly used to divide according to the fur and cortex of the raw hide. There are four types:


 1. The most expensive small capillaries mainly include mink, otter, ermine, muskrat (green mink), beaver, etc. The coat is short and soft. Suitable for making hats, coats, etc.


2. High-grade large capillary skins include fox skins, raccoon dog skins, lynx skins, badger skins, raccoon skins, etc. The format is larger. It is often used to make hats, coats, cloaks, etc.


3. Coarse furs of mid-range fur Commonly used are sheepskin, dog skin and leopard skin. The hair is long and slightly wide. Can be used to make hats, coats, vests, linings, etc.


4. Lower-grade miscellaneous fur The most commonly used ones are cute rabbit fur (Northern rabbit, Lex rabbit, Angora rabbit) and kitten fur. Suitable for clothing accessories, the price is lower.
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