Fur refers to clothing made from animal fur. Animals commonly used to make fur include rabbits, dogs, cats, foxes, minks and other rare animals, which are also one of the sources of fur.


Since primitive times, human beings have used the furs of hunted animals to make clothes to protect themselves from the cold or to publicize their achievements. In modern times, fur has become one of the symbols of wealth.

Fur maintenance: Fur clothing should be stored in a cool, dry environment, and should not be exposed to water or direct sunlight, as damp fur is prone to shedding. Before collecting the worn fur, use a suitable brush to brush it in the direction of the hair to avoid hiding dander and bugs. After the rainy season, the fur must be dried before drying.

Cover with a layer of cloth to avoid direct sunlight. After drying, let the fur temperature return to normal temperature before storing it.

The origin of the word "fur": The word came from "fur shop". There were some Russian Jews who opened some fur shops, which were mostly wild animals at that time, and fur was very expensive. A yellow wolf fur jacket costs five gold bars. But the temperature in Shanghai is not particularly cold, winter is short in summer
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