I always think that the role of erotic underwear is the same as that of lubricating fluid, which has been greatly underestimated. It can not only increase the freshness of partners, but also enhance the fun and pleasure experience of doi. For girls, a decent and satisfactory "shirt" is more It can improve self-confidence from the inside out and help girls get into the state quickly.

Daleer buys a lot by himself. I roughly divide the sexy underwear I have into: pajamas, stockings, uniforms, SM clothes, and dead pool water. Here are my selection criteria and tips for each type. , just like sharing the shopping experience between sisters~

Daleer's biggest criterion for choosing qqny is to do whatever you want. There is no standard.

First of all, it is good-looking, the kind that looks good at a glance, that is, even if someone chokes your neck and questions your aesthetics, you still think that this thing is beautiful, and it should belong to my kind of good-looking, I believe all girls should understand it.

There is no so-called "classic" or "popular" in erotic lingerie, your aesthetic is the standard.

For a while, I was obsessed with various fluorescent colors "colored silk". The more fancy colors, the more I like them. After wearing them, I feel happy and confident from the inside out. With this shirt, is there a battle that my mother can't win?

The second is freshness. Like philately, I will always choose styles of different types and materials that will not be repeated. Sexy underwear is not a school uniform. The right to choose is in my hands. What about Kushui?

Of course, occasionally I will ask the dog man's opinion. After all, besides himself, he must also know how to appreciate it.

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