A must-have camping recipe: Whole chicken grilled over charcoal with fruit wood

We're out camping again! Every time we go camping, we make something delicious, and this time we recommend a tried and true camping dish!

Whole Chicken Charcoal Grilled with Fruit Wood

We really recommend that you go out camping must bring a chicken, a chicken to buy can not lose to buy can not be fooled, will give you a beautiful experience, and then remember to buy a hanging pot frame, with a chain through the chicken, tied to the hanger.

Here we begin to roast chicken:.

1. Wash the chicken and remove the neck. Because the top has lymph can not eat oh. Then pull out all the internal organs can be.

2. chain through the body of the chicken, fixed position.

3. Brush a layer of oil on the body of the chicken.

4. Build a fire, hang the chicken on a hanger and start roasting it.

5. After 30 minutes, adjust the direction of the chicken once so that the chicken is heated evenly.

6. Roast for another 30 minutes.

This way a roasted skin chicken is finished.

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