As for why men are so obsessed with erotic underwear? Because to a certain extent, it can satisfy some of his sexual fantasies and curiosity. What is it like to have sex with someone who likes to wear clothes like this? And women can arouse that curiosity and satisfy it

What makes a woman attractive in bed lies not in her underdressing and revealing, but in her commitment to and feedback on sex. SO put on the clothes you like and play the characters you like. It can be a royal sister, a loli, or a temptation. You take the initiative and the male becomes the supporting role in this game. Trust me, your ethereal, confident, charming look is enough to make men salivate.


So how do you choose the right underwear for you? What is right for you? That is, a style that can highlight your own strengths. For example, MM with big breasts can try the breast-boosting model, MM with small breasts can choose the tube top model, and other cute loli models~

If it is a MM with a thin waist and long legs, what kind of hip skirt, T back and suspenders are very acceptable! If you have a plump figure, you can wear a variety of slouchy nightdresses every day. In fact, as long as you think it looks good, you can try it. The most important thing is that you like to be happy!


There are so many styles and types of erotic lingerie that I won't list them all.


As for the various uniforms PLAY, it depends on what kind of role you want to play. If you want to try, but you have body anxiety or a girl without a partner, fear not! It is also a commemoration to try boldly and put on beautiful photos for yourself!

Accept yourself and enjoy your beauty, why not do it? Ah yes, you can also enjoy sexy lingerie DIY! Teach you a little trick: you can wear sexy underwear inside, windbreaker outside, go out on a date with your boyfriend, and inadvertently tell him: I wear sexy underwear inside, it will definitely ignite his desire in an instant~~


Oh and, actually, men are also happy and fat when hahaha, or you can try black silk or other uniforms directly. Occasionally being cute and macho, a little contrast might be fun;


Well, all in all. I hope you can sleep with your loved ones today too.
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