snow peak outdoor cup after use feeling

Share the feeling of using three different materials of snow peak outdoor cup


1220ml single layer titanium cup: single layer titanium similar to matte and darkest color, the advantages of light weight, moderate price, but personally do not like the mouth of the cup rolled edge design, easy to drip when drinking water! Not in time to clean the rolled edge of the internal dirt and more difficult to clean clean


2300ml stainless steel cup: the advantage of double-layer bright stainless steel material is easier to insulate, the price is the cheapest, I also prefer the double-layer cup design, easy to clean


3450ml double-layer titanium cup: combines the advantages of 1️⃣ and 2️⃣, but the price is now rising and the supply is very small, the color is lighter compared to single-layer titanium, easy to produce water stains and fingerprints after use, OCD may not be able to stand


Summarize the above points is actually recommended double stainless steel cup, the price is reasonable, the supply is sufficient! Not blindly compare, according to their own situation rational consumption is the best!

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