Snow peak 450 ml stainless steel double insulation cup


Recently snowpeak products out of stock a mess, want to buy a titanium 450 ml cup has not been able to buy.


I think snowpeak's stainless steel products are actually very good, so I just get a stainless steel cup is also very good.


This snowpeak mug capacity is 450 ml, weight is 140 grams. Volume is 87.6 * 95.2 mm. Material is 304 stainless steel.


The most important thing is that this mug is a double-layer design, with a certain insulation function. The round film at the bottom of the cup should be the location of the double-layer cup closure. It can also play the function of anti-slip and shockproof.


Contrast with the stainless steel cup bowl of the snow peak can clearly feel the strong workmanship of this cup. The surface of the bowl is frosted texture, while the cup is brushed process. But the amazing thing is that there is actually a mirror effect on the brushed surface of the cup.


Three hundred out of the affordable price of this 450 ml double-layer insulation cup appears to be really cost-effective. The only regret is that the double-layer cup can not be directly heated by open fire. Everyone in the use of the fire must not be put on the fire ah.

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