With the opening of the concept, sexy underwear has been accepted by many people, and the market is

getting bigger and bigger. Many women buy erotic lingerie to enhance their sensuality. How to match sexy

underwear? Come and take a look at our fun outfits for you~

We all know that when you wear clothes, you should pay attention to the matching. In fact, erotic lingerie

can also be worn deliberately, and erotic lingerie clothing has gradually been accepted by people. In addition

to couples, couples and middle-aged and elderly people can wear it. Different people have different looks,

so how to match sexy underwear to look good?


1. See-through sexy lingerie

Erotic lingerie is synonymous with sexy, and wearing it will give people an intuitive and direct visual temptation.

With the looming see-through outfit, the cliff is a "scheming" match! However, when matching sexy lingerie

with see-through clothes, pay attention to whether the colors of the two are harmonious. Discordant colors

will look vulgar and ugly, whereas the opposite will complement each other and feel integrated.


2. Sexy lingerie with cheongsam

What are the characteristics of cheongsam? Cheongsam can be said to be specially designed for women.

The cheongsam can be worn on the body closely to the graceful body of a woman, making the body curve

uneven. Sexy lingerie and cheongsam can easily make the body curve more perfect! An underwire bra can

help you focus more on your bust. Pair it with a good-looking cheongsam, and from now on, "the waves on

the chest" are no longer only related to the ocean.


3. The temptation of erotic underwear with professional wear, suits and other uniforms

Workwear and suits are designed to focus on the bust and waistline, so you should wear a full bodice or a

high-brimmed ribbed bodice and a long bodice. The draped bodice tightens and trims excess fat from the waist,

midriff, thighs and buttocks. Wearing long trousers or a full body corset can flatter the curves, show off the

wonderful figure of a woman, and make the wearer feel more confident and elegant.


4. Pair with a wide open collar

These garments are usually close-fitting and accentuate the graceful lines and attractive cleavage. Fuller people

can use a bra with padding on the sides, while those with thinner busts must choose a bra with a stronger upward

pull and a padded bottom. Because this time, need to increase the height of the chest, not just deepen the cleavage.

People with small breasts can only show the curvature of their breasts by pushing up.


Sometimes, the same person wears the same set of erotic underwear, and different places, different lights, and

different times have different aesthetics. The one that suits you and your partner is the best. There are various

styles of erotic lingerie, so that every night is full of freshness.

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