Many girls think that black and white lace is the most classic! This is the choice that can't go wrong, black sexy, white pure, choose on demand~


Does the red or fuchsia underwear that often appear in small movies make you feel inexplicable, but there are still many actresses wearing them, why? Knock on the blackboard, there is a scientific basis!


Red represents romance and passion in love, and men prefer women who wear red and can’t help but want more intimacy. Red or purple underwear, there may be unexpected gains.


When it comes to color, Miss Bai Nen is always fearless! Dark-yellow skin is often a dark question: Wearing pink or purple seems to turn my skin yellow, and white underwear makes me look dark?


If you're a perfectionist and want to look good all the time, try dark blue! That's the kind of blue that often appears in sailor suits and dead pool water. It ensures that you look white and tender, and you don't have to worry about your skin being black and yellow and not afraid of the sun.


But having said that, most people will choose to dim the lights or draw the curtains when they have sex, which will feel hazy, not to mention not taking pictures and comparing with other girls, you can't find your skin color at all. (Just take your underwear off in the shower!)

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