When it comes to the types of erotic lingerie, there are too many: lace, uniforms, cheongsam, small animals... I can't count on one hand, it's dazzling. Don't panic! You can choose according to the method below!

Very petite girls often worry that they "can't hold up" sexy lingerie. It is suggested that sisters can choose some cute clothes with more fabrics! Maid outfits, costumes, and dead pool water are all great choices! In fact, petite girls can win very easily: just put on her boyfriend's clothes and play with the lower body and disappear!

Smaller girls have a soft and cute feeling. Wearing animal costumes does not violate harmony at all. With all kinds of cute furry things, they can directly fill up the kawaii reading. Sisters who like it, please try it boldly!

 Shopping points Japanese cute, oversize

 Lightning protection style Overly long coats or skirts will make you look shorter

 Recommended accessories Animal headwear, furry panties, bow suspenders


Sisters of the fat world! Trust me! Choose the right lingerie! You are the perfect sex! feel! especially! thing!

The flesh of fat sisters is usually concentrated on the chest or buttocks. First, stand in front of the mirror and observe your chest and buttocks, which is your most confident part. The underwear you choose should take it as the visual focus!

1. The upper circumference is charming

Please choose a good-looking bra style to highlight the proud upper circumference! Gently put on a nightgown (to cover your arms, breasts and other excess flesh), and then tie a belt (to highlight the curve of the bust and make the waist look slimmer), you are so beautiful!

2. Gorgeous hips

God, this is the most charming European and American figure! It is recommended that you choose a style with side slits, such as a cheongsam, a uniform; or a style similar to a bunny girl, which is enough to show the full buttocks while properly covering the upper body.

I know that every little fat sister is a little worried about their fleshy thighs. It's not a big problem, just suspender stockings can solve it! The suspender stockings full of European style will bring you a retro fleshy beauty!

 Buying points Show the meat but also cover the meat!

 Lightning Protection Styles Remove those strappy styles or three-point styles from the shopping cart with only thin straps, these strings may make you look like a five-colored zongzi...

 Recommended accessories Suspender stockings, mesh stockings

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