In order not to make the fur look more like a "nouveau riche", it is also recommended that you avoid models with long fluff when choosing a style. Too long fluff will not only increase the bloated feeling of the outfit, but also make fur The outfit looks sloppy and complicated, and it will be difficult to control without the temperament and appearance of a fairy. The short-pile fur will make the fur look more delicate, which is easier to control and can better improve the temperament of the wearer.

Fur coats are temperamental and warm in winter, and some colors of fur look noble

The first time I saw this white color, I believe everyone couldn't take their eyes off it. This shade is really beautiful! The white fur looks very elegant and delicate, and it gives a noble and luxurious feeling when worn on the body. Fur in this color gives a cool ladylike vibe and can fully express your charm. And this color does not pick skin tone at all, black and yellow skin is also suitable.

Noble temperament is what many women want. Such a temperament is really very advanced and outstanding, which cannot be surpassed by ordinary women. Wearing fur can enhance your noble temperament. Although light-colored fur is light-colored, it looks luxurious and delicate when worn, and it also gives a noble and elegant feeling.

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