· O-type

The so-called O-shaped body is a fat girl with a lot of fat on her body.

Some people think that if you are fat and ruin everything, such a girl will not look good in anything? Then you are wrong. Most O-type girls have an advantage that many people envy - big breasts.

Therefore, you can show more chest line without wearing [fat tights].

This thinking is transferred to sexy underwear, which is to show the chest line as much as possible and weaken or cover exposed fat, such as auxiliary breasts, waist, buttocks and thigh roots.

Regular threes, or the aforementioned tights might not suit us.

But open robes and kimonos are perfect for your figure.

The waistline is tied with a belt, which can perfectly highlight the chest line of the upper body, while the fat that is often found in O-shaped figures is hidden at the waist, in the sleeves and under the skirt.

The hem of the kimono is slightly longer, which can cover the fat on the thighs and is suitable for girls with thick legs.

If you wear it and change it a little, pull down the collar part to create a fragrant shoulder strap, adding a touch of sexiness.

You see, it's not that the more exposed, the more sexy.


· H shape & pear shape

If big breasts are the advantage of an O-shaped figure, what about flat-chested girls?

In fact, if a flat-chested girl can wear it, it can also add a sense of luxury to the sexy.

Here we focus on two kinds of small breasted girls - H-shaped body and pear-shaped body.

Let's talk about the H type first.

The H-shaped body has several advantages - the collarbone at the top can be used to raise fish, the butterfly bone is like a fairy, and the waist is slender and not enough to hold.

Therefore, we can choose Japanese-style split erotic underwear, revealing the slender waist, adding a touch of kawaii.

Of course, if you don't want to take the kawaii style, you can also try the sexy three-point style. Try to choose underwear with bras to make your breasts look fuller.

It is worth noting that the H-shaped body should try to avoid looking through the dress as much as possible, it will appear flatter and reduce the charm value of women.


For a pear-shaped body, you'll find that the slightly bloated lower body has a lingerie flavor: upturned hips.

You know, when boys pay attention to girls' bodies, they will definitely not ignore the chest and buttocks.

When choosing erotic lingerie for a pear-shaped body, accentuate the curves of your hips.

Of course, not all pear-shaped figures have small breasts. For this body type, try the tulle style. The upper body can show the beauty of plumpness, and the lower body will double.


Beautiful legs, tall little fairy

The first choice is definitely the garter suit. Suspender buckles and stockings are a great way to show off your long legs. For the upper body, you can choose a corset or a corset. You can also opt for a short skirt that just covers the hips.


Small breasted fairy

Small breasts also have the sexiness of small breasts, which can be boldly displayed. The only thing small-breasted fairies should avoid is wearing sexy underwire bras that don't have full cups. It would be embarrassing if the cup was empty.

A bra with an opening in the front will have a more gathered effect.

Half-cup tulle erotic lingerie is also suitable.
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