Before the advent of the modern bra, there used to be a lot of lingerie designs for women to wear closely.


The most famous should be the corsets of the early European nobility. In "Gone with the Wind", Vivien Leigh is desperately tightening her belt with the help of a maid. Just looking at it makes me breathless.

 The recognized aesthetic at that time was the "bee waist" that was protruding forward and backward.

However, the harm to women's health is far greater than the binding of feet.

 It squeezes the abdominal cavity of women into an hourglass shape, and the internal organs of the waist will also undergo serious displacement and deformation, and even lead to death in severe cases.

In most of ancient China, women wore a tube top as their bottom, and they could go out directly with a long gown.

 In the Tang and Song Dynasties, there was even a sexy line of "skirts with exposed micro-breasts", which greatly weakened the existence of underwear.

When it comes to the real origin of modern bras, it can be said to be confusing, and there is still no unified conclusion.

 In 1859, an American named Henry invented and patented the "symmetric spherical bra", which is generally considered to be the prototype of the modern bra.

 In 1914, New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacobs made a homemade underwear out of two handkerchiefs and a pink ribbon, and wore it to a ball. It is considered the originator of the modern backless bra.

With the arrival of the golden age of jazz, girls were fascinated by the "tomboy" look, and the popular Maidenform underwear at the time also embarked on the road to the flat chest.

 In the 1950s, film stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren once again attracted people's attention with their curvaceous soft charm. At that time, the design of underwear also emphasized women's plump breasts.

Even wearing a sweater, this kind of underwear can turn the chest shape into a sharp cone, making the chest look extra tall and straight, which was the aesthetic of the "sweater girl" at that time.

This missile-shaped bra has become a hot topic as early as World War II, becoming a fashion choice for women at the time and boosting the morale of many American soldiers.

Influenced by Western culture, tulle vests have also become popular in China, exposing arms and skin in a large area.

 The vest first became popular among prostitutes, attracting many women of famous backgrounds to follow suit. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of Western underwear, it has gradually evolved into a modern "bra".

 In the 1960s, with the emergence of off-the-shoulder evening wear, the corresponding strapless bra also came into being, giving women more choices and matching space.

Today, the types of women's underwear are quite rich, and the fabrics and materials used are also more and more diverse.

Most importantly, these underwear designs are based on the real needs of women and are no longer a useless tool for chasing social aesthetics.

European ladies hundreds of years ago would never have imagined that they could go out in just a few seconds after putting on underwear, and choosing underwear can also become a source of happiness for women.
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