As a functional clothing for women to hide their shame, underwear can only be hidden under the coat for a long time and cannot be said.

 Even how unique decorative elements the designer has given it, it cannot be discussed and appreciated openly.

 However, with the opening of the social atmosphere, some people have begun to try to break the shackles of this single product and give it new matching inspiration.

Lingerie jackets can be traced back to designer Jean Paul's 1983 lingerie launch, where the "missile bra" was worn over a man's striped suit.

 And Madonna also wore the same golden underwear on the world tour in 1990, making this hot dressing style truly a pioneer, and the underwear that has been silent for thousands of years can finally enter the palace of fashion.

In today's European and American circles, wearing underwear outside seems to have become a fashionable outfit that fashion actresses must punch in.

 Rihanna, who has always been bold in style, is a loyal supporter of this style of dressing. Whether it's a pink tulle skirt or a neutral blouse, it's the perfect complement to a very inclusive lingerie.

This fiery whirlwind also made domestic entertainment actresses dizzy, and they all showed their unbelievable figures.

In addition to occupying the street and hard photos of female stars, underwear has also begun to walk on the glamorous runway, officially proclaiming her status as the first sister in the fashion circle.

 Victoria's Secret, which created the underwear show, holds a grand catwalk every year to explain the infinite possibilities of underwear design.

Her family's annual high-priced Fantasy Bra can be called a lot of attention, and the Victoria's Secret Angel who can interpret it instantly becomes the most shining star in the topic.

On the other hand, the underwear design of women's daily wear is becoming more and more detailed.

 There are already many underwear brands specially designed for girls, providing intimate choices other than sexy for girls who are new to underwear.

 There are also some underwear designs specially designed for big-breasted girls to solve their troubles and make choosing underwear no longer a burden for them.

 Japan even has specialized men's underwear. Although the original intention of the invention was to prevent men's chest muscles from expanding, many men said that wearing a bra would give people a sense of protection, so it was welcomed by many Japanese men.

 Unexpectedly, underwear that has always attracted men with sexy labels can still capture the hearts of men like this.
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