Erotic lingerie usually accentuates a woman's curves through the shape and lines of the lingerie. This concept has been around for many years. Erotic underwear is not only women's underwear, it is between underwear and clothing, and it is also a clothing that adjusts the taste between partners and increases love interest. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right sexy underwear. What are the styles of erotic lingerie?


Since people in the city really know how to play, there are many categories of sexy lingerie, including sexy uniforms, pantyhose, fishnet socks, bar clothes, pantyhose, SM clothes, garters, jumpsuits, shapewear, topless clothes , sexy dresses, sexy lingerie, game uniforms, etc., in addition to modifying the shape, they also began to more boldly expose the erogenous zone of women.


lace up women's erotic lingerie

Extra high profile mini lining with cord ties at sides at waist. This kind of underwear looks bold and hot, and basically does not pick your figure.


rope type women's erotic lingerie

The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by sexy underwear lace piping, which is a typical representative of romantic "inner beauty".


lace sexy panties

The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, looming and visually provocative.


Open Crotch Sexy Lingerie Erotic Suit

These panties are exactly bare between the strands, and if you wear a miniskirt, you'll blush. It's a dual stimulation of the senses and the mind



Along the thigh, the smooth texture of the stockings makes people feel itchy.



The waist is natural, the style is generous, the skirt has an arc, but the chest is not exposed, which is a typical uniform temptation.


garter belt

A weapon that highlights long legs. The original intention of the garter belt is to use a ribbon or elastic band to tie the stockings of the stockings, and the upper end is tied to the edge of the hem of the belt or the button of the corset to prevent the stockings from slipping.

The elastic band connects the upper body with the stockings, and appears and disappears under the high skirt, which is sexy and noble. In recent years, fashion stage designers have exposed garter belts many times. It is not uncommon for garter belts to fly all over the sky at fashion conferences, which makes all kinds of hipsters in China love it.

What the garter belt brings to women is not only that the stockings can be fixed, but the straps of the rope just show the beauty of women's wildness and resistance.


a piece of underwear

The one-piece underwear is a fishnet, which is more sexy. And the one-piece underwear on one side also has various openings. While highlighting the curve, it also exposes key parts, and the visual stimulation is bursting.


cosplay costume

Do you want to play a police officer or a nurse sister today? Cosplay is simply a very good spice in sex. I remember watching an Australian documentary called "Little Reaper" about a couple who were sexually moved and bored just by re-dressing the fun as sex.


In general, with the advancement of aesthetics, people have basically abandoned the morbid requirements for the female body, and today's sexy underwear highlights the female body on the basis of comfort. Give every girl a chance to swell. It also gives girls a weapon to seduce their sweethearts.
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